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Monday Triples Rules


Entry fee of £2 per player (to be collected by the team leader) this will be used for prize money for the winning squads, for both the League and the Cup.

1. A maximum of 8 squads each comprising 5 playing members, of whom 3 are selected for each match by the Team Leader.

2. In the event of a team being unable to field 3 squad players, a substitute may be used. Teams are permitted to use a substitute on three separate days without penalty. A penalty of 4 shots is added to the opponents score if this rule is broken. A substitute may not skip, nor play against their own allocated team.

3. All games to be played in greys with a duration of 16 ends, all shots counting from the first end – 2 pm start time.

4. A win will gain 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points.

5. The home team will be responsible for contacting Barry Colbourne and advising him of the game result and shot score as soon as possible after the game. Please leave your scorecards pinned to the Monday triples board.

6. Green set up – nominated teams must ensure that rinks are ready for play before 2 pm.

7. Protective mats are to be positioned when stipulated by the Green Ranger or when playing conditions could result in damage to the green.

9. White stickers are to be used by the ‘away team’.

10. Prizes are awarded for the winners and the runners up.

11. Team captains to be responsible for rescheduling any postponed games.