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Chelmer Ladies BL Pairs



PAIRS and PLATE Competition Rules


The Chelmer Ladies Bowls League (CLBL) and ECWBA rules apply with the exception of those listed below.


The format of the competitions and entrance fees for the competitors shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


Competitors must be members of the same club competing in the CLBL league and must play at least two league games to be eligible for the semi-finals and finals of the Pairs and Plate competitions.


Matches to be played within the stated dates of the particular round by arrangement with the opposition.  Under no circumstances will any extension be agreed.


The challenger whose name appears first in the draw must arrange a date and time for the match with the opposition giving at least 3 days notice.

  1. The dates are to be offered within 3 days of the closing date of the previous round.
  2. Three dates should be offered including one weekend preferably in different weeks and on different days starting no later than 6.15pm.
  3. All weekdays may be offered if mutually agreed.
  4. A player must have played in a minimum of two league games to be eligible to play in the semi-final and final.


If a game is rained off on the appointed day and cannot be played on the opposition’s or a neutral green the game must still be played before the closing date.  If it is not played both parties will be eliminated.


If a match is abandoned due to inclement weather or other exceptional circumstances and less than 12 ends have been played the game is to be replayed on the same green if possible or on a green agreeable to both pairs.  If 12 or more ends have been played the remaining ends are to be played on the same green if possible or on a green agreeable to both pairs.  The game must still be played before the closing date of that round


The game shall consist of 21 ends.  An extra end will be played if required. Two trial ends may be played.



Appropriate club stickers must be used in all competitions.  Competitors not complying will incur a 2 shot penalty per defaulting player.


The CLBL dress code applies (rule 15) except for finals day when the dress will be white/cream.


All competitors will pay their own green fees.


The players taking part in the first game/tie shall constitute the team.  Only one substitute for a particular team will be allowed in any one season.  Any member of the same club may act as a substitute providing that person has not already played in or been entered to play in that particular competition and only acts for one particular team.  No substitute will be allowed in the final of the Pairs competition except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the committee.  When a substitute is used the scorecard must be marked SUB against the name.


The result must be telephoned (not after 10pm) to the Results Secretary on the same day as the game is played and must be followed by the scorecard.


The score card duly signed must be returned to the Results Secretary by the winner of the game within one day of play**.  Scorecards must contain the following information   :- Competition and round, names and reference numbers of competitors.


If any disagreement should arise a complaint must be made in writing to the Results Secretary within two days of the event and be placed before the League Committee for a ruling.  Any decision by the League Committee will be final.


 All semi-final games will be played on a neutral green the location of which will be decided by the match secretary.